Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Digital Marketing: as we can see two words involved are totaly different from each other.One is something endicating involvement of computer.Marketing is another used in the phrase given above which means to showcase something (may be a product or service)to an audience.

Which may have some interest in buying or using the service.?
Now Digital Marketing is the concept where we promote or showcase our products or services by means of digital plateforms. These may include anything starting from social media plateforms like Facebook,WhatsApp,Instagram, Twitter etc.

Digital plateforms means the websites or apps which are used by a huge number of people because marketing can be done there only as more chances are to find intended buyers.
We can categorize them like this social media ;

1.Facebook Marketing
Sense of community – If you put in the time and effort, you will be rewarded with a Facebook page that acts as a community of brand advocates.
It doesn’t get better than this.

Advertising is easy – Instead of targeting keywords, you can target people. This works best when you know your target demographic well. 
And Facebook makes it easy to turn existing posts and content into ads, so you don’t need to do double work.

Connect with influencers – By sharing content and tagging other brands and industry influencers, you can make connections here as easily (if not easier) than you can on Twitter.

Captive audience – Although users are there to interact with friends and family and not to purchase a product or service, you do have at least some of their attention. The average Facebook user spends about 20 minutes a day on this social networking site.

Why Facebook Marketing Important?

Having a Facebook Page for your company or personal brand is essential for your marketing digital strategy.

Especially because:

You can increase your reach. 
You can create a community around your brand.
You have a window for selling your products or services.

2.Twitter Marketing
The good news is that used correctly, Twitter just works, acting as an effective way to provide customer service while marketing your product and helping to spread the word about your business as a whole. So, ask yourself how do you use twitter for marketing; if you learn how to use Twitter effectively. That’s because there’s such a vast audience for you to reach out to. It’s not just a platform for teens, either – in fact, teens are less likely to use it than journalists, politicians and other professionals.

That’s why we’ve created this article sharing the most effective ways of using Twitter for marketing, sales, support and more. And so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started.

Why is Twitter Marketing Important?

Twitter is known for being a platform that is used by celebrities to update the public about their lives, but Twitter is also an amazing platform for businesses to connect with their current and potential clients. 
Twitter has over 330 million monthly users, providing a large pool of people for businesses to connect with. 


Branding your business is one of the biggest benefits of using Twitter marketing for your business. 
Constantly putting out updates and content about your business helps define the type of voice your business has. 
If the content that you are publishing is useful to your targeted audience, it can help build trust within your business. A business that has a greater amount of trust from potential clients increases the likelihood of them to purchase from you.

3.Instagram Marketing
If your brand has visually appealing products or a unique story to tell, there cannot be a better stage than Instagram. From luxury brands to media houses to automotives, each have carved a niche of their own and are leveraging Instagram for their businesses. 
In fact, automotive brands are the most engaged and well-represented. Lot of marketers contemplate whether Instagram can be an effective social media platform for their brand? Even if many marketers want to leverage Instagram for their business, 
they lack a quick guide that has the tips to build a successful presence on Instagram.

According to a recent study,

98% luxury shoppers carry smartphones
90% brands among the top 100 have an Instagram account
80% of these shoppers’ purchase decisions are influenced by digital content

Why is Instagram Marketing Important?
Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social media marketing platforms. According to Hubspot, the social channel has more than 500 million active users, making it notably bigger than Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. In addition to its large number of users, 60 percent of those with an account use the platform daily, including 55 percent of young adults that visit multiple times a day.

If you’re targeting a younger crowd, Instagram continues to be the way to go. Hubspot reports 71 percent of adults ages 18-24 use the platform and it’s the second-highest messaging app for millennials, just behind Facebook Messenger.

You may ask, “Is it really that necessary for brands though?” The answer is a resounding yes! Hubspot shares that approximately 80 percent of all Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform.

4.What's app Marketing
Social media marketing usually points to tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. But one important medium that skips most of our minds is Whatsapp Marketing. 
In fact, messenger tools are quickly gaining prominence, when it comes to marketing via social media channels. 
And Whatsapp is a messaging application, which boasts around 1.5 billion active users around the world on a monthly basis.

So, yes, the scope of market penetration via Whatsapp is huge. But just like all other tools, you need to know the effective use of Whatsapp marketing software so that you can reap its maximum benefits. 
Below is a detailed Whatsapp marketing guide that shall help you get started in the right direction.

Why is What's app  Marketing Important?
In today’s market, it is important for every business to use some innovative marketing tool for promoting their business. 
Due to the use of such innovative marketing methods, it is important that you choose some direct marketing tools to connect your customers and promote your brand effectively. 
On such effective direct marketing tool is WhatsApp. No doubt, WhatsApp marketing in India has become very popular and very much useful to stay connected with your targeted customers. 
Moreover, it is beneficial to use because not only we are able to contact our customers immediately but also transforming them into the potential client as well. 
Here are some benefits of availing WhatsApp marketing which can be very useful for your business.

5.Youtube Marketing
YouTube is such a platform that has all the reason for people to go crazy about it. 
Not only does it entertain people around the world, but YouTube has also established it as one of the leading choices of businesses around the world.

YouTube marketing has surely not failed to expand its fan base at a great speed. 
It won’t be wrong to state that if YouTube Marketing is used proficiently, a business can undoubtedly scale great heights.

One of the major mistakes that a person commits is assuming that YouTube Marketing is more or less the same as other social media channels.

Taking the aid of a YouTube marketing strategy allows businesses to leave the worry about targeting the audience.

It is a common fact that every customer would be induced more by the businesses having videos. Here’s your simplified guide to anything and everything you want to know about YouTube marketing.

Why is Youtube  Marketing Important?
Smart marketing tactics have always been very important for small businesses as they cannot directly lock horns with the bigger names in the industry. 
Over the past decade, with the increased involvement of the internet in our lives, business strategies have also changed. 
The prime focus has shifted from television to computer screens. To any business looking to grow using the web, YouTube has to be one of the most important platforms.

With over 2 billion views a day, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. YouTube originally was a platform to share short videos with people. 
But over the years it has grown into an extremely powerful tool. It is an essential tool for any business or individual looking to reach a large number of people. 
The fact that it is extremely easy to use, and provides a brilliant platform for communication adds to its appeal.

6.Email Marketing
Email is a very versatile medium. Formats range from simple text to HTML & rich media. 
Content can be one-size-fits-all or highly customized. Frequency can consist of fixed, frequent intervals or sporadic intervals, with transmissions occurring only when something newsworthy comes along. 
Sophistication (and cost) can be very low or very high.

Along with the power of email comes the abuse of email, commonly known as spam. 
Is spam email considered marketing? Technically, the answer is probably yes, but it is certainly not responsible email marketing. 
While some users fail to distinguish between permission marketing and email spam, spam is actually a major threat to legitimate email marketers, as a glut of messages could make the entire email medium less effective.

Why is E-mail Marketing Important?
According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the USA.

Because email subscribers joined your email list from your website and verified their identity by clicking on a link (double-optin), they are extremely interested in what you have to offer. This is why they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

In our business, email list gets 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns.

This makes sense if you think about the reasons that make email an incredibly powerful communication channel:

1. Email is Personal

Email allows you to land into a user’s inbox. There is no ranking system limiting your reach. It is very direct and personal.

2. Email is Purposeful

To get updates from you, a user fills out a form to signup for your email list and confirm their email address. Someone doing this much work is obviously interested in hearing from you, and they are much more receptive to your message.

3. Email is Targeted

As we mentioned earlier, the user has already shown interest in your product or content. Since you already know what they like, you can deliver them highly relevant offers to get better results. This is called segmentation, and we will cover that later in the article.

4. You Own Your Email List

You do not own Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Your social media campaigns and SEO efforts can go to waste when these platforms change their policies. On the other hand, you own your email list, and it is not influenced by decisions of other businesses.

5. Email is One-on-One

People read email in the privacy of their inbox. The message is not on a public timeline or newsfeed. They can ask you questions directly in private with confidence. This helps build trust and connection.

6. More People Use Email Several Times a Day

You may have heard that Facebook has 1.4 billion and Twitter has 100 million daily active users. What you have may not have heard, is the number of people using Email every day.

Every internet user has at least one email account. A recent research conducted by Radicati found out that there 3.8 billion active email accounts. That’s half the population of Earth.

This is precisely why every smart business in the world has an email list.

Big name brands learned this lesson a long time ago, and that’s why they spend thousands of dollars on social media campaigns to get people to sign up for their email lists.

They understand that email marketing is the best long-term investment with a much higher return because people will continue to get their message at a very low cost for a longer period of time.

Search Engine Optimization
What is Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO)? A broad definition is that search engine optimization is the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines. 
More narrowly, SEO seeks to tweak particular factors known to affect search engine standing to make certain pages more attractive to search engines than other web pages that are vying for the same keywords or keyword phrases.
The SEO process includes six general phases:

Research, including business research, competitor analysis, current state assessment, and keyword searching
Planning and strategy, including decisions on how to handle content, build links to the website, manage social media presence and technical implementation strategies
Implementation, where optimization decisions on a site’s webpages and the website as a whole are executed
Monitoring, where the activity of web spiders, traffic, search engine rankings, and other metrics are observed for producing reports on which assessment will be performed
Assessment, involving checking the summarized effects of the strategy (and its implementation) against the SEO process’s stated targets
Maintenance, where both minor or major problems with the website’s operation are handled as they arise (e.g., new content that needs optimization according to the strategy)

Search Engine Marketing
When a person enters a query on Google, Google comes up with a list of websites relevant to the query.

For example, when you search for ‘Italian shoes’ the websites that are displayed on top are the ones who have implemented the best SEO practices.

Mainly search engines like Google deploy web crawlers, which crawl on every website collecting all the information on it, as specified by Google and the ones that match well with the Google algorithm criteria are displayed on top.

Using these practices, SEO Marketing Companies optimize the ranking of different online portals and businesses.

This is the organic way of promoting businesses that increase traffic, boosts lead generation and ultimately increases revenues.

Now look carefully ,All these plateforms have billions of people and can support you better in growth of your business but this is not so easy.
People want content (Eye Catching) which can impress them in a span of seconds.This requires research and handwork ofcourse time skills also.
Web designing company provides you the content. content creation is a creative thing. So which types of content can be these for your business.

1.Graphic Designing
As explained by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), graphic design can be defined as the “art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.
” In simple and more easily understandable words, a graphic design is a form of design that communicates certain ideas or messages by the help of certain visuals.
The basic idea of these visuals can be as basic as a business logo, or can be as complex as the intricately beautiful pages of a web design or Software UI.

Graphic design involves taking graphical and textual digital elements and implementing them into practical use to build up multiple types of media. 
It opens new doors for the producer to connect with the consumer in visually attractive ways. 
It makes the conveying of the message of the project, event, campaign or product very easy and interesting.

2.Package Designing 
Packaging Design is a multi-disciplinary field which considers functional aspects such as holding and protecting
its contents from damage; transportation, manufacture; distribution and graphic design elements on the surface
of the package that result in compelling communication. This introductory course will address the basic elements
and principles of packaging Design. The emphasis is on understanding aspects of form and structure; the fundamental design considerations of graphic design elements on the surface of the package. 
It will include the study of package construction – primary and secondary package – and how products are effectively designed and presented on the shelves.

3.Logo Designing
A logo can be described as the face of a company.  Quite often, it’s the first thing that a potential customer will notice about your business. 
A logo is much more than just an image; it is a point of recognition for clients and an important foundation for the branding of your company. 
It is often said that customers form an opinion about a company within seconds. A well-designed logo is an easy way to convey to potential customers that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.

4.Corporate booklet designing
With the presence of the digital world all around us, is it still important to have a well-designed booklet ? The answer is yes. Along with your website, social networking, advertising and marketing efforts, a company booklet designing is an integral part of your branding process.
It’s a vital piece of literature about your products and services that a potential customer can take with them. It keeps the face of your business in their hands – and in their heads -- that will remind them of your services. Here are some key advantages of having a booklet designing for your company or business:
• A well designed booklet serves as a perfect introduction to your business.
• Accurately distributed, booklet designing can expand your company’s visibility.
• booklet designing are great marketing tools when reaching out to new customers.
• booklet designing can provide positive press about your company.
• booklet designing are perfect for trade shows and networking opportunities.

The children's books featured on the Power of Pictures have been chosen because of the quality of the illustrations they contain and the ways in which the illustrations work with the text to create meaning for the reader. 
Children will need time and opportunities to enjoy and respond to the pictures and to talk together about what the illustrations contribute to their understanding of the text.
When you combine words with illustrations, whether it’s a drawing or an actual picture, the reader can gain a better understanding of the topic. 
For example, if you have ever read a do-it-yourself book, chances are there were an abundance of pictures to help the reader visually grasp the project at hand. 
And what would a cookbook be without tempting photographs of the food you’re about to make? Brightly colored images in a children’s book are only the tip of the illustrative iceberg in publishing. 
Illustrations can add a lot to books in many genres.

6.Standee Collection
Display the name of your company in a creative way with PrintStop’s designer rollup standee banner which you can put up on the stands. 
The standee banners are an important part of a marketing kit to make your presence felt amongst the prospective clients. 
Using the roll up standee display you can create a brand identity for your company, especially when placed at a proper location. 
Designing a standee is various from designing other products as the size of standee is bigger & printing take place on banner media. 
The print resolution off images utilized the design ought to be 150 DPI or more. We can get design components for stationery things like business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc easily from the internet as image size is comparatively smaller compared to that of a standee.

7.Vehicle Branding

8.Stationary Designing
Stationery is a broad term that encompasses business cards, envelopes, letterheads, labels, postcards, flyers, brochures, and other similar marketing emissaries. 
All of which, when designed professionally, can prove pivotal in making your brand shine.

Every business owner understands that stationery is an essential component of every branding strategy. It conveys a personal, more intimate image of a brand and makes customers feel more valued than digital advertisements.
When you first hand over a business card, or a prospective client receives a letter from you, your stationery should be designed to be something that they remember.

Whether it’s a striking design, humorous or just really different to the ‘norm’, it will make your brand name memorable and will serve as just one additional way of getting your product or service remembered.

Back in the 90s when everything was printed and it was all about the stock and special finished used on letterheads and business cards, they were seen to have more importance.

We’d like to give that importance back to your printed stationery items and design them to look amazing.

It might only be one small part of your branding (and you might not even use them that often) but when you do, they should wow the recipient!

9.GIF Designing
The GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is an image format developed by CompuServe in 1987. Due to wide support across browsers and email clients, GIFs have been a popular image format since the early days of the internet.

More importantly, though, GIFs can be animated. Similar to how a flipbook works, GIFs rapidly display a series of images to produce the illusion of motion. In the internet’s early years, GIFs (and the marquee and blink tags) were the primary method of adding movement to a web page.

A lot has changed since the 90s. Animated GIFs are enjoying a renaissance both on the web and in email marketing. While there is still some debate as to how you actually pronounce “GIF”, most will agree that GIFs can be an excellent marketing tool. 
Whether you prefer a hard “G” or like to rhyme GIF with a certain brand of peanut butter, let’s look at why GIFs are so useful in email campaigns.
Our GIF design service consists of web banner(s) which are animated with minor text and image animations. They are ideal for placing on your own website or on websites you wish to advertise on.
Animated banner design is ideal for small businesses owners who prefer moving and animated banners, without using Flash. GIF animated banners come with the required animation without requiring the website visitors to view the banner with the FLASH Plug-in.

We specialized in creating professional banner design in all standard sizes and formats, like JPG, GIF, PNG for static banners and SWF, GIF, HTML for animated banners. Each and every banner is customized to meet your unique requirements.

10.Mailers Designing   
Email has rapidly become the tool of choice for professional communication. Gone are the days of lengthy correspondences on the telephone and the long drawn out meetings face-to-face in hotels and restaurants. Today, the speed and convenience of the email have made it the prime choice for all types of business communication.
There are drawbacks to the business email, unlike its predecessors there is a loss of tone and context which might make communication confusing. Hence, we at PrintStop can help you create emails for your business which are clear and concise. 
We can create responsive email templates for you, to use during specific scenarios, we even give you the email template html so that you can make small changes to make the email exactly fit your needs. Our business email templates are well-written and attractive which will convince people to act on your emails.

11.Flex Banner Designing
Flex banner is important when it comes to print media. It is a sheet of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Polyethylene widely used to deliver high-quality digital prints for outdoor hoarding and banner.
Banners can be used by any business to make an impressive statement. They come in standard shapes, sizes and designs. However, it is important to have custom banners and display hardware that distinguishes your business from the crowd and also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of usage.
Displaying flex banners have become a popular practice. Flex banners are commonly used for advertising small indoor or outdoor events. The banners can be printed in variable sizes as per the need of the client. Also, the flex banner printing is lower in price as compared to other printing styles. 
All in all, flex printing is an effective solution for small budget advertisements.

A brochure is an informative paper document for advertising, which can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products or services and inform potential customers or members of the public of the benefits. 
They are usually distributed inside newspapers, handed out personally or placed in brochure racks in high traffic locations.
A Brochure is an informative paper document (often used for advertising and marketing) that can be folded into a guide, pamphlet or leaflet. .  Brochures can provide positive press about your company. A brochure can even be a collection of connected unfolded papers place into a pocket folder or packet.

A brochure could be a common marketing tool used to advertise a service or product that a company or agency is providing. It takes the shape of a pamphlet or flyer that wants to distribute the data on it to its audience and in an attractive way. 
Brochures are great marketing tools when reaching out to new customers.

13.Social Ads
(1) Advertisements that promote a community's health and well being, such as programs that educate people about drugs, diseases and other social issues.

(2) Advertising on a social networking site such as Facebook, which enables the advertiser to target ads based on friends using the same product. 
See Facebook and social networking site.
Social media advertising is a category of digital advertising that places ads on social networking sites. It is one of two major social media marketing tactics: paid and organic.

Unlike paid advertising, organic marketing requires no upfront cash expense. But it does require the expense that comes with labor.
Next is video content . Youtube , Facebook or any other platform ,video consumption is increasing day by day. We provide;

2.Still Photography
3.Arial shoot  
4.360 video
6.Video Editing

Next content type is text since after arrival of www,text content has been a king . It has a big audience as everyday new blog posts are being published.
These posts have well researched and high keyword density content which makes the post rank number one google.So text also has a few types of plateforms;
1.Search engine optimization

2.Compaign Setup
A campaign can be seen as an organised, purposeful effort to create change, and it should be guided by thoughtful planning. Before taking action, successful campaigners learn as much as possible about:

the existing situation
who is affected by the campaign issue both positively and negatively
what changes could improve the situation
what resources, tactics and tools are available to implement a campaign that will address the issue.

3.Youtube Video Keyword 
4.Research Youtube video ad 
5.Facebook ad compaigns
6.Twitter ad compaigns

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