Logo Design Company in Gurgaon

Logo Design Company in Gurgaon

A logo is not just a piece of an Icon that is way more than that. Before going further, I want to tell that I will answer the following queries. 

  • What is a logo?
  • Why is a logo important?
  • Which tools are used to design a logo?
  • Is it worth using an online logo maker?
  • What are the qualities of a professional logo?
  • Free logo design vs Custom Logo Design?
  • Brand Logo Design Category
  • Can we help you to get the perfect logo?


  • What is a logo?

logo is a graphic mark, emblem, wordmark or symbol used to represent a brand. The logo is not just a mark it is more than that. It tells all about a brand and its story. 

In simple words, a logo is the face of a brand. A company without a face is similar to a man without a face. Now you can imagine how a man will look without a face and then compare it to your brand or company. 


  • Why is a logo important?

From Microsoft to Google, the logo is a visual first impression for your brand. Your customer makes his mind to buy the product after looking at your logo, It makes perception in the mind of customers about the company. It makes a significant impact on the companies public profiles. If you name any big company you will definitely remember it's the logo. So logos also help to remember the name of the brand even when it is not mentioned in the logo. For example Nike mark you will remember its name.


  • Which tools are used to design a logo?

It doesn't matter which design tool is used to design the logo. In the end only output matters. In the market, several graphic designing tools are available to design the logo but here I will mention a few of them. As an Industry-standard Adobe Illustrator is considered most because adobe is a leading company in the creative world. Accept Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Affinity Studio, etc. are also good tools for designing a logo. 


  • Is it worth using an online logo maker?

The answer to the question is no. Because So many people may think that why should we spend so much money on designing a logo there are so many online free logo makers or logo generators to use. But there are the following points for that.

  1. They Provide already premade symbols, icons, and logo templates and there are a lot of chances that already somebody may have used that. 

  2. There are more chances to get rejected when you go for its copyright or registration. 

  3. Such logo creator websites never provide a logo in high resolution and you will never be able to use them for big size billboards.

  4. You can get logos in minutes using these websites but you cannot download your logo in SVG or any other vector format so you cannot use them everywhere. 

  5. As I have told Logo is the face of your brand and a great logo design expresses everything about your company and tells its story silently. But these websites cannot create a logo like this.


  • What are the qualities of a professional logo?

The following points describe high-quality logo designs.

  1. Good quality logos look good at every size and place like on print and social media posts.

  2. Best logos look good with colors as well without colors too.

  3. The perfect logo will look good on the dark as well as light background.

  4. The logo should be as easy to draw that even a child can draw easily. Because a simple logo can be recognized easily and can be remembered for longer.

  5. It should tell the story of your company.

  6. It should relate to your business. So that without even telling customer may understand what your company does.


  • Free Logo Design vs Custom Logo Design

    Generally people look for free options. But Its a general theory that nothing is free.Free Logo Design is also a concept just to feel good.  To get rid of all headache mentioned above one should choose custom logo design. Custom Logo Design can be defined as a modern logo design which reflects your brand in a unique way. A custom logo design is created using various softwares. Also highly trained professional designers  at best logo design company create best logo design for your company. A simple logo design can be more attractive and unique representing your concept of business. 3D Logo Design is created using 2D logo. First we design a sketch and then create a 2D logo. Once it's finalised by client, we convert the logo design in 3D.

  • Brand Logo Design category

    1. Fashion Logo Design - We understand what a Fashion company needs when they look for having a logo. To be precise and effective, a logo which gives the brand a trendy look is the answer for all the needs of a fashion company.
    2. Gaming logo design - A gaming company creates games for the world. In current times, when everything is changing, a unique representation of game is highly needed.The Flying Birds provides modern gaming logo design.
    3. Interior Design Logo - Interior designers design our households and offices. Their work itself demands high quality standards in designing. We provide best logo design services to interior decorators for their all logo design needs.
    4. Logo Design for Software- A software performs tasks. But this also has to be identified uniquly. As per the type of work and name of software, The Flying Birds can design logo for your software or app.
    5. School Logo Design - Schools play important role in our lives. Tell small kids not only the name of their school, but also let them recognize their school by using school logo design. We create best education logo design for your school.
    6. Art Logo design - Does your business provide art as primary thing. Then representation of art in your logo is highly needed. We have highly trained sketch artists who can understand and create an art logo design for you.
    7. Food Logo Design - Those yummie dishes can taste best if people start recognizing your brand and order more from your hotel.A good restaurant logo design can do this. We can implement all your vision about logo design of your restaurant to reality. 
    8. Letter Logo Design - Sometimes only textual letters have the ability to represent our brand identity. We design letter logo designs for our clients at an affordable cost.
    9. Cake logo Design - A cake is a mode of celebration. Memorable birthdays or annivarsaries are incomplete without cake. We design best cake logo designs.
    10. Circle Logo Design - Shapes of logo attract people's attention in a broader way if designed properly.A circular logo is best suited for apps. We craete these for you.
    11. Cricket Logo design - Various cricket teams are there. Even one in your colony or village also exist. When playing a match, identification of team players is important. Get your cricket logo design made today.
    12. Music logo design - Music bands or singers have a lot of fan following. Youtube and other platforms have provided them opportunities. A logo makes them unique identification among their followers.
    13. Sports Logo Design - whether you play kabbadi, football or any other game, a logo is highly needed for your team. A logo brands your team and cheers players to excite for. We design best sports logo designs.
    14. T Shirt logo design - We all wear t-shirts. T-shirts become more attractive and cool when designed good. A logo printed on tshirt of your business can give good marketing opportunities.
    15. Bakery logo design - All buns or breads of your bakery get recognition when a logo is there for these.You get brand value once people start buying your product. The Flying Birds can create your bakery logo design.
    16. Car logo design - You love your car? Everyone does infact. Whether you are a car manufacturing company or a car sports enthusiast, you need a logo for your car. We create best car logo design.
    17. Construction Logo Design - Construction companies build flats and offices. A real estate logo design can help companies sell more.  We design logo for construction company or real estate logo.
    18. Gym Logo Design - Gyms build body builders. Gyms have different concepts and ideas for representation. For all their needs, a gym logo design builds gym as brand. Hire us for all your gym logo design needs.
    19. Boutique Logo Design - Do you own a boutique? Branding a boutique is really a tough task when competing with strong competitors. We create boutique logo design using all professional softwares and modern logo design techniques.
    20. Jewellery Logo design - Gifts are incomplete without Jewellery. A jewellery logo design demands that efficiency which can leave imprints on customer's thoughts. For such logos, contact us today.
    21. Medical Logo Design - Hospitals and clinics have special space in society. Doctors save lives.People look for best hospitals when needed. If your logo is of best quality, your brand image gets better among people. Get your medical logo made today.
    22. Architecture Logo design - Architects have their own audience. When you conceptulize something, your build. For your business growth, you need a better representation of your business. A logo designed specially for your architecture business opens doors for new scopes. The Flying Birds design logo for you.
    23. Travel Logo Design - Travelling has never been such a boom as it is right now. Your business can grow at super speed if it has better branding. A quality logo can do this for you.


  • Can we help you to get the perfect logo?

The answer is yes. The Flying Birds (TFB) has a team of professional designers to design a custom logo for your business. Our company is leading in this field and provides the best product or services in the field. We’ve perfected the process of building unforgettable logos and branding. Alongwith Logo desiging, we are Graphic Designing company in Gurgaon . We provide services related to other designs also. 



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