Mobile App Development Company in delhi

Mobile App Development Company in delhi

Mobile App Development Company is a group of people who collectively work for developing a software for mobile operating system keeping in mind the objectives of the development. Here in this post, I will discuss about following points in brief:


  • What are mobile apps?

  • Types of mobile Apps

  • Why does your business company needs a mobile app?

  • How to select a mobile app development company?


What is mobile app ?

Mobile apps Considered as a Softwares program specifically built for handheld devives like : Mobile phones and templates.

It's right but it's more than that. A mobile app is developed specifically for mobile devives along with wearable devives also.

Our smart watch is an excellent example of such a device.

Types of mobile Apps

Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

Web Apps

Specific to operating system

Can run on almost all operating systems

Run in browser software like chrome


Native Apps refers to the specific platform operating system. For example mobile app developed for a specific operating system like Android or iOS.

Web Apps are multi device responsive verion of websites. These applications are like Single Page Applications built using a JS framework at frontend and a bundle of API’s from backend. These are accessed from a web browser like mozilla or chrome.These can not access hardware.

Hybrid Apps These apps are a combination of Native Apps and Web Apps. Such apps are developed using web app architecture but wrapped into a native app. The main architecture is HTML5, CSS3 and JS but all of these are enclosed into a native environment. Such apps access backend data through APIs.


Mobile App developement

Mobile App Developement depends upon it's objectives. These goals define what has to be made as a mobile app.

For this purpose one should write down all his/her requirements.


Why does your business company needs a mobile app?

Once you have written all your requirements you should have clear understanding of your needs/objectives.

Following few points describe benifits of having a mobile app.

Benifits of having a mobile app for any company:

1.Customer Engagement -

Many businesses have seen a sudden spike in their customer engagement once they get a mobile app.

Suppose you run a salon business. If your customers have facility to book an appointment and give feedback about services then two things will surely happen,one, your branding will take a growth as people will be having a faster service. Secound, You will have understanding what your coustemer like and dislike about your services.This can help you plan better for making decisions for future of your business.

2.Easy promotion and no recurning cost

Once you get moderate size of audience with your mobile app installed on their phones then

You can run campaigns of your business offers.This will save your money being spent on bill boards or hordings.If one customer finds your offer valueable then chances are there , others will also join.

3.Easy Access/Communication

You can have a better medium for communication with your customers without any mediator like newspaper and television .This instant communication will help you reach your audiences easily and take their feedback with respect to your business services.

4.Provides brand awareness & Recognition

A mobile app provides your business brand awareness and recognitaion.This makes your business generate a repo among people.A lot of new leads for your business!

5.Customer Trust

When all your coustemers get better services/product and instant support regarding their queries then definately a positive impact will be there.This comes after continuously providing great service and instant support to your followers.

A mobile plays great role in this instant services and timely response comes in terms of better utilization of mobile app.

How to select a mobile app development company?

For your business needs understand your company requirements. This means the concept .

Now suppose you own an online game business than you need a native app.Also , target audience of company means people who are going to use the mobile app after devolopment.

If users are having a majority of android or iOS phones. Also if we need to decide price then we should know target audience's profession and their purchase behaviour.

Uderstand your budget and requirements together -

Suppose size of your target audience is 100.It means there are total 100 people who can buy your product/service. Out of those 30 have iOS phone and 70 have android phones, question is for whom will you get developed your app?

Obiviously people will say android. Here next thing comes ,purchase capicity. It means tendancy to purchase your service/product.

It totally depends upon earning of a coustomer, his/her habit and necessity of your product/service. In their life. Now in our example,chances are there that most of our iOS coustomers have definately capacity to purchase but android owners may not purchase those service.So we have to  decide everything.

I hope you can decide mobile app developement company for your business.if you have any doubts,then contact me.





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