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Web designing is the concept of structuring visuals of a website. This design is the medium to communicate between a business and its customers/ audiences. Website designing is part of website development. Generally people use same term for both the concepts. 

Need of a website for your business in Gurgaon

Okay.. you may not be running a website but you definatly want customer recognition. Nowadays everybody wants! Need of a website for your business arises when 

1. Your prospects search for your business online. If it's there then your brands positive impact otherwise you can think yourselves.                       

                                                  Fact is around 23% Indians search for the business on google before making a purchase online. If they don't find it they dont recognise your business. After JIO data revoluton definatly it's increasing day by day.

2. There is need of purchasing product. You are selling offline and your competitor does the same thing online. The difference can be everlasting. Need of a good ecommerce website with payment gateway is highly needed in such scenario when you are based in Gurgaon city.

3. Generally Indian business owners say they don't need a website as their customers don't know how to use a computer. Seriously? Just after Jio introduced it's data  revoluton, Indian smartphone market has grown a lot.

In future also It will keep growing as Facebook , Google, Amazon and other international players are investing a huge amount in India. So all these smartphone users are using a computer which is small enough to fit in their hands and to purchase your products and services.

4. We see a lot of ads claiming only 2000-5000Rs can give you a website for your business. It's a scam to sell the products. All the domain,hosting and companies like cheats you by saying this.

You can have a website no doubt but that too requires knowledge. A general business owner can purchase domain and hosting but what next? It needs to be optimized for SEO also.

5. Okay one of your friend or relative is already running your website or will make for you at a zero fee. That's great for you as you dont have to pay anything. But is'nt it look fishy? It's not good for your business.

Look One website is there which is having a lot of monthly traffic and otherone is just a stack of photos and text which looks quite pretty but without traffic. Website with huge traffic definatly has done a lot in comparision to your website.

You need to research keywords and write better articles then a decent amount of backlinks and a lot of other things then comes the traffic. Nobody does that for free.   

How Much Does a performing Website Cost?  

Do you purchase clothes for yourselves? This point is same as how much does a Suit cost you. As the product and quality and branding matters here same is the case with websites also.

Performing website means which get quality traffic that too from relevant target audience. This is different as per the industry. It may cost you from mere 100$ to a whopping 1000000$ even.

A general wordpress website which prebuilt themes and plugins can be made in a bare minimum of 100$. Most reputed brands do not opt for this and choose for a custom made design for the website.

Then It comes the optimization part. This also requires efforts related to keyword rich content writing and onpage SEO and Off page SEO . Alongwith that we keep measuring the progress with the help of tools like Google Analytics, SEMRUSH, AHREF and Ubersuggest. Reports play important role in this.To hire an SEO company in Gurgaon you can click here.

Types of Businesses in Gurgaon 

There are various industry company setups in Gurgaon. This ranges from software companies, travels companies, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, real estate companies, grocery stores, interior designers, spa and salons and a number of others.

How much a website is needed to all of these business industries one can easily understand by looking at data. These all industries need a website to make better communication with customers. Selling online is also one of the key aspects of owning a website in Gurgaon. Their marketing strategies must include development and maintenance of a website along with social media management company.  

Types of websites you need in Gurgaon- 

  •    blog, 
  •    design portal,
  •    eCommerce Website
  •    Business Website
  •    Entertainment Website
  •    Portfolio Website
  •    Media Website
  •    Brochure Website
  •    Nonprofit Website
  •    Educational Website
  •    Infopreneur Website
  •    Personal Website
  •    Web Portal
  •    Wiki or Community Forum Website


Key Points before contacting a website development company in Gurgaon

1. Decide your requirements-

Write down all the steps you do in your business while you do offline business.All the activities you perform in an offline business, are needed to be done online if these are important to have. Like need of a payment gateway or printing an automated billing reciept.

Also you can explore what other options can be there which you can not opt in offline business mode but in online, you can avail easily. One such example to launch a campaign on Facebook 
or Google adwords. These can give you a nice amount of sales.

2. Check your budget - Before ordering your product, you must think about budget. On the basis of money available, you can go for options to have in your website. As the number of requirements increase, ammount you are going to spend also increases.

Cost also depends upon time taken for the development of the website.If you need fast delivery, development charge can be more but this depends upon company and it's employees skillsets. 

3. Set your goals - "Why do you need a website in Gurgaon" answers this question. To setup a goal for you, you think about your current business performance. On the basis of this only decide how much  and in which direction your business growth should go. 

4. Need of SEO company in Gurgaon - Generally people don't think much and get a website made which becomes a garbage as no traffic is there. When you spend you must get something which performs.

To overcome this, website needs two things - Well written content and highly optimized for search engines. If proper keyword research and indepth explaining content is written on an SEO optimized website then definatly It will generate nice amount of traffic.

This will help you get sales.
5. Need of content writers in Gurgaon - A website is your face on Internet but the content it has represents your convincing power to let someone purchase your product or service.

A well researched and written content always performs better. Writing for the need of people gives you back. These people become your customers. 

Architecture of website -

We have different kinds of cloths. Some are needed in winters and others are good for summers. Same is the case with technology stack in development of a website.

There are three things generally in a website - webpages which you see,a database to store information and a scripting language which is used to communicate between webpages and database.

It specifically depends upon what do you need. A simple blog website can be created using wordpress in Gurgaon. But it is pre built framework of themes and plugins, which may not fulfill needs of a business. Wordpress is under  a category of CMS's - content management systems. These are some famous CMS's available 

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Umbraco

Then comes the need of a custom built website. On the basis of requirements taken from the customer, website designing company builds the website. This development is done in different technical environments. These frameworks may include 

  • php Laravel
  • Python Django
  • Java Spring

For frontend technologies - now a days companies prefer using VueJS or ReachJS for front end tasks. HTML5 and CSS3 along with Javascript can also be used.
Bootstrap is a nice framework for well designed pages.

Databases - Storing information and the management is highly important. Everything from business data preservation to generating reports for better understanding of your work, you need a good database. This has a nice set of databases - SQLite, MySql , Oracle, MongoDB and others. 

Now don't bother much about which technology stack to use. This is for information purpose. Your development company has dedicated team for this.

They will analyse your requirements and let you know the technical aspects of the specific frameworks. On the basis of your budget for website development, you can choose one for your needs.   

What you'll get working with a web design company in Gurgaon

Generally a website development company gives you a lot of benefits over freelance website developers. 
1. They provide you delivery of product on time as they have a large team of speciallists. They don't let the projects delay easily. Also you get a project manager who will make you understand the current progress of project.
2. You get high quality of website along with documentation. Freelancers don't provide documentation of your product. Documentation helps in management of  project if the developer team changes or you want to change the company.
3. On time support - All of a sudden you need some changes in your website. A website designing company provides on time support for all your needs. To do this, you just have to let us know, and we will perform the task.  

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